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Community management

Community management, or online communication with your users through social networks, is one of the most important services we provide to our clients.

Social networks have become a very important mandatory part in order to develop a successful business, but for it to be successful it is necessary to allocate a lot of time and effort. Numerous entrepreneurs, in small, middle and large businesses, and start-ups, often decide to let their social medias to be managed by agencies like ours, because of the large engagement and scope they allow businesses to get through the social medias.

It’s important to track the news of digital marketing, trends and innovations on different advertising platforms as well as study existing and new competitors.

Adverts, campaigns, and communication in managing social networks are tailored to the needs of each individual client to create a recognizable brand and enhance their business. We want to point out that content must be adapted to the client, its brand, but also to the selected social network, so it is not enough to publish content on all social networks at all.

Knowledge and experience
The Markething team answers questions: Which users (ages, sex, location…) are most active at certain times of the day, and on which social network, while adjusting the content according to this data.

We provide you with a complete community management service, ie managing your marketing strategies on social networks.

What is included in the prices of our social media managing services?

  • Creating an Attractive Content

    Content is the king of social networks, if you have interesting, quality, and vivid content you did half the deal. In content creation, we include visual design, photo editing, writing texts, and everything tailored your targets and their needs.

  • Creating visual content

    Our advantage is the excellent quality equipment we possess to create tempting photos and record interesting events. We know how many people love the visual display of everything your brand is presenting, and we’ve found that 40% of people respond better if there is a visual content than if there is only text.

  • Communication with your customers and service users

    We enable you to save precious time and we reply for you to comments and inquiries about the products or services you provide and, always in agreement with you, we share the information about the brand you want to present.

  • Strategy prepared for future success

    Before we design content, edit blog posting, or edit photos, we will consult you. We will check your site as well as your current social network activity, listen to your potential problems or requests and we will prepare an ideal customised strategy for a successful social networking.

    Be aware of the importance of social networks to present your business, take advantage of all the possibilities they offer, because they are not just about connecting to your friends and family, but also about bringing your business to an enviable level.

    Are you looking for professional help in “Community Management”? Feel free to contact us for advice and put trust in us to make your social networks efficient and professional. Let us show you our digital marketing experience on your social networks.


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