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Design & Visual identity

Visual identity is an image of brand that every business needs to create and that is designed by marketing or graphic designers. Some believe that visual identity is the “personal identity card” of your company that also represents your reputation. Reputation is very important for a business, and clients often rate it according to what they have seen. Logos, business cards and other promotional materials are the key to your successful presentations on the market.

Logos provide permanent visual identity of the company, that will be recognizable on all products and services you provide. Creating a visual identity or a high quality corporate design will create a brand image and will build customer / client confidence, and thereby increase awareness on the company and its products and services. Good corporate identity visualization is the fundamentals for good marketing because it speaks to your customers. Every company, regardless of size, needs to invest in a well-designed logo because it is up to you to choose what you want depending on your wills and what type of products or services you offer.

Choosing colors is indispensably important when it comes to building a visual identity because each of them means something, and the colors are most influential at a subconscious level, shaping the expectations of your clients. Green color is often associated with nature and health, while orange and yellow are associated with Sun, and hence a certain amount of warmth. Think carefully about what your service is and you will be able to link them to any color. The space, time and environment you are in are things you can use to create a unique logo.

Apart from an interesting design, we can help you create a headline that will reflect your company’s mission, attract customers and distinguish you from your competitors, but in the first place a logo that should do the “wow” effect on your customers.

We will be with you from project planning to testing and presentation on the market, so please contact us with confidence because you are our best reference.

The process of creating a visual identity takes place through several “phases”


Let’s get acquainted with your business, customers, target, goal and competitors. Then, we will listen to your wishes and logo design needs : how it should look, which colors you want to use and symbolise… As we are aware that making a logo is a tough task and many of our customers do not know where to go from, we will present some ideas and we will share our strengths with the ideal solution for you. We devote ourselves to a complete visual identity, regardless of whether we are redesigning your existing page or creating a new one.

Analysis of ideas

We carefully listen to your ideas and design ideas, typography and color, then sketch them on paper. Although we are a digital agency, using actual pens and paper is not odd to us, and after designing the logo, we will work for you on final propositions.


We send you a few ready-made proposals and possible solutions and, in agreement with you, we choose the best works.


We choose the design, then adjust it to the agreed color, font and size and send you the final version.

The final solution

We wait for the client’s confirmation, we finish the design of visual identity and we start to create an unforgettable inside 😊

The result

A project that we are all satisfied with.


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