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Education and business counseling

Education is the process of learning and acquiring new knowledge in the field you want to progress, whether through a regular school system, a private system, or through educational institutions and workshops. Regarding the past, our formal school education program was enough for employment, but today the situation is way different. More and more importance is given to informal and alternative education. Young people are increasingly investing in it acquiring new knowledge and skills, participating in voluntary association projects by gathering valuable experience, attending various seminars, courses, workshops or academies. Are you wondering why they do all this after long (pre) long formal education?

Nowadays, employers are much more involved in the ​​education area, contributing to broaden the knowledge you already have in your field, and also enabling you to gain more practical knowledge in additional education. This is why we complement our wide range of services by offering education and business consulting. For you, we organize online education with Skype, “1 on 1 education” in the office and workshops for smaller groups up to five members. We want to point out that our education is not intended solely for young people, it is useful to anyone who wants to keep up with the demands of today’s labour market and who is ready for lifelong learning.

Students, craftsmen, small and medium entrepreneurs, all will benefit from the additional knowledge we offer to share with you. Internet education in today’s world is unavoidable to recognize opportunities and take advantage of new tools and technologies to improve business. If you want to learn something new, enrich your resume, or improve your career / business, contact us with confidence. One member of our team in charge of education has a rich international experience in the digital world and participates in numerous trainings as a guest lecturer while another member of our team has the necessary pedagogical and psychological education and takes care that the entire education, from preparation to performance, goes through perfect tone. All we want is to convey our knowledge in an interesting and unique way.

Our education is related to digital marketing and includes:

Education on conducting social networks

– how to create attractive and high-quality content
– how to create visual content
– how to meet your followers and how to communicate with them
– how to get to know your competitors better

Education Related to SEO Website Optimization

– what is on-site and off-site optimization
– how to optimize the content you publish
– Which keywords to use

Education related to social networking

how to raise awareness about your brand by advertising
– how to make a Facebook ad
– how to reach the targeted audience effectively
– how Google Adwords works
– what is targeting

Education on online tools for small businesses

– shorten the time spent on the internet
– Improve your business
– be a step ahead of your competitors


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