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Website Administration and Maintenance

Updating and maintaining a website is a serious job that we are offering to do for you, just like we did the website itself. Website maintenance is a continuous process of updating and improving content, updating pages to the latest software types to be neat, simple, responsive,and design adaptable to different screen dimensions. Website administration covers all design upgrades and security software upgrades. Updating a website, either on a regular or occasional basis, is extremely important because it can increase visitors’ interest in discovering new information, strengthen the online presence of your business, and most importantly – allow you to get better rankings on the search engine pages.

Keep in mind that every website on the Internet is exposed to potential threats every day, and regular updates will help your website to work smoothly, while solving all the difficulties within minutes.

The website is like a car, it can work, and if you do not take care of it, the only question is for how long ?!

If you do not have the time, the knowledge, or the experience to add and / or modify the content of a website, here’s how to help you. We offer quality and reliable services, consultation and technical assistance, and constant availability, which is extremely important in case of “urgent” changes.

Web administration services

– Add, remove, or edit text, photos, and videos

– Editing and proofreading texts and other content for the website

– Create new pages and update existing ones

– Website Optimization for Business Improvement

Service rates are not fixed and most often depend on the time it takes to get a job. For that reason, we personalize the price according to the needs of the client.

Contact us with complete confidence because we only exist thanks of you. 😊


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